Horsham boss could bust budget for reinforcements

JOHN Maggs says he is prepared to bust his playing budget in a bid to bring in the players he needs to ensure Horsham’s survival in the Ryman Premier.

Yesterday (Wednesday) the Hornets manager was hoping to negotiate a deal for a new centre back to provide cover for Ben Andrews, who is likely to miss the remainder of the season, and wants further reinforcements to see the Hornets through to the summer.

Maggs had to release Shane Graham and Hassan Nyang last week to accommodate the signing of Ashley Robinson, and he is now calling upon the board to stump up extra funds before the March 31 transfer deadline

“April looks like it will be a crucial month for us. I will be adding to the squad, I don’t want to be struggling after the deadline.

“I might have to go over the budget to bring players in and I think that is necessary. I am sure I have got the backing of the board. We just need players that are available to help us out and that assurance that I can bring someone in, in case of injury. It is exactly what other clubs will be doing at this time of year.”

Meanwhile, Maggs has reacted angrily to an anonymous suggestion this week that Horsham should drop down the leagues into intermediate football.

The Hornets boss says he has been told of the suggestion, adding that he could not even contemplate life below the County League.

“This negative chat does not help me, my players or the football club,” Maggs said. “If there are views from certain people out there, they should button it.

“I do not want people coming to me saying ‘I have heard this and I have heard that’.

“It has come back to me that this is the road to take. For me, that’s not on.

“I think the club has too much about it and I do not know where they are coming from. “Do we want to play at a lower level than Broadbridge Heath and Forest? It’s scandalous to me that anyone would suggest it. We are the number one team in town. “Every football club goes through iffy spells, but we do not owe anyone anything, we have assets, we do not have an overdraft. We are probably better off in those terms than 99 per cent of the teams out there. “We have got to put a product out on the pitch. We have come a long way and we are respected out there. I think it’s disgusting it should even be suggested.

“I’m sure 99 per cent of the supporters will cringe at the idea and will be against it, and they would be absolutely right.”

Horsham Football Club secretary John Lines stressed the suggestion did not come from anyone in an ‘official capacity at the club’. He said: “I can categorically state that it has not come from anyone inside the club as far as the board and committee is concerned.”