Hornets captain Jones ready for next season and 3G battle

Ash Jones and Josh Pelling MAIL10290 OAK-170425-E93780331
Ash Jones and Josh Pelling MAIL10290 OAK-170425-E93780331

Horsham captain Ash Jones is ready for whatever next season brings and has joked he hopes his body can put up with the 3G pitch at Lancing.

The central defender brought up 100 appearances for the Hornets this year and plans on remaining at the club next season.

The experienced 35-year-old is wary that the artificial surface at Culver Road – where they are groundsharing – may be a bit more of a strain, but has backed the side to continue to improve on their 16th-placed finish.

Jones said: “I’ve been asked to play next season by the manager, I’ve said I’d like to and I don’t see why not, obviously playing on 3G might be an issue with a 35-year-old’s body.

“I think we can definitely go further than we did. We have the foundations of a good side here, but it massively depends on whether we have a fit striker all season. Most clubs have a proven goal scorer fit and playing in their side all season.

“The last third of the season I’ve been fully fit, whereas at the beginning of the season and at Christmas I was struggling to get over an injury that I picked up during our pre-season.

“So it’s only really at the end of the season I’ve been happy with my performances and if fit I could have offered even more, but I managed 50 games and have reached 100 overall, so I’m happy from that point of view.”