Forest’s County League future still in the balance

The future of Forest FC as a County League club still hangs in the balance, though a decision is expected by the end of the week.

Chairman John Bellamy, though has insisted the club’s youth and West Sussex Football teams were safe regardless of any decision.

Last week the West Sussex County Times broke the news that Forest intended to withdraw from the Sussex County League with immediate effect.

The club had been unable to negotiate a deal with landlords Roffey Sports and Social on playing at their Spooners Road ground beyond next season.

It prompted their resignation from the league but that has been rejected by the SCFL and they have been placed in the 14-team Division 3 for next season.

The most senior arm of the club though remains uncertain with Mr Bellamy expecting a definite outcome by Friday.

He said: “As it stand we are still a County League team and we hope that will remain the case.

“We are in the middle of trying to sort a lot of things out but at this moment it’s up in the air as to whether we’ll carry on as a County League club.

“Only time will tell, though time is running out. Short of a knight in shining armour there are only two real options but I wouldn’t expect it to drag out, I think we will know where we stand by Friday.”

The club is currently still without a manager after Dean Potter stepped down last month.

Full story in this week’s West Sussex County Times, out on Thursday.