‘Deals are done and we will be stronger’ says Horsham coach Meeney

Jon Meeney watches on from the stands during his time at Worthing. Picture by Stephen Goodger
Jon Meeney watches on from the stands during his time at Worthing. Picture by Stephen Goodger

Horsham head coach Jon Meeney has revealed that there are ‘deals done’ in terms of signings and promised they will be a stronger side this season.

The former Worthing joint manager and Eastbourne Borough coach has been using his own contacts to try and secure new additions.

While they have already made progress in terms of recruitment - having announced three signings this week - they will be keeping others under wraps for the time being.

He said: “Dom (Di Paola - manager) and I are in constant contact. What we are looking to do now is bring in extra quality. With recruitment of players we are looking at what we can bring in to go hand in hand with the current crop of players.

“We will be stronger next season. It’s exciting, there are deals done, but we are not ones to go shouting about it - we are going about our business quietly. We are very happy with how the recruitment has gone.

“Yes the fans will want to know and it’s important to have that communication and it will come, but it’s important to get the deals done.”

They will start pre-season at the end of June and while many are excited about what Horsham could achieve in the Bostik League South East Division, Meeney has not set any public targets.

Instead, the coach is keen to instil work-rate into the players and see where a level of competitiveness takes them during the campaign.

He said: “You have your in-house objectives set from the word go and some objectives change as the season goes on.

“The biggest objective starting on June 25 at pre-season is the ongoing target of being competitive and to progress.

“That will be the aim in every training session and every game. That is all we will ask those with us, togetherness and trying to progress. If we go through the season trying to do that, then we will move forwards.”