Come and quiz Horsham’s new boss

JUSTIN Luchford is urging Horsham fans to turn up in their droves when the club hold a ‘meet the manager’ evening tonight at Gorings Mead.

He said: “I’m looking forward to it, I just hope a lot of fans turn up.

“What I have found in things like this I have done in the past is that people have so many questions they want answers to but not many turn out.

“It’s a really good chance to get an understanding of where I am coming from and see how I operate and I would urge them to ask any questions they might have no matter how silly they might think they are.

“What they will get from me is totally, frank honesty and I will try my best to answer everyone’s question.

Justin and his assistant managers Hugo Langton and Richard Langsley will be at Gorings Mead from 7.30pm tonight.