Colbran’s blast for Horsham after second half fight-back

Horsham manager Simon Colbran said he ‘never wanted to see play like that again’ after his side gave a dismal first half display in which they went 2-0 down against Ryman League 1 South’s bottom side Whitstable.

However he praised them for turning it around during the second half in which they recovered and end up earning an away point with a 2-2 draw which at half-time had seemed unlikely.

Whitstable took the lead in only the third minute when Stuart Vahid slid the ball under keeper Michael Hunter from 12 yards.

The deficit was extented to 2-0 on 23 minutes with a wonder strike from 23 yards by Nicky Southall.

Horsham’s plight was made worse when they lost two players through injury in the space of a few minutes - Billy Joe King with a gashed cheek bone and Gary Charman with a dead leg following a collision with his own keeper.

It was very different in the second half as recent signing Darren Lok pulled a goal back in the 59th minute from the six yard box and then 15 minutes later was responsible for causing a Whitstable own goal with a telling cross.

Colbran said: “In the first half it was just embarrassing. Three yards off of players. I could have played better at 42 years old. It wasn’t good enough, wasn’t tight enough, we didn’t do anything we should have done.

“I don’t ever want to see that again. All we did was pump the ball up the field and their centre half just win everything. When their centre forwards got the ball we just sat back and let them do whatever they wanted. It was a nightmare. We missed attitude.

“In the second half it was completely different. We are back to playing 45 minutes instead of 90. They have to work hard for 90 minutes or they will get nothing. Darren Lok was getting a lot of the ball and was dangerous. He is a 100 percent committed player and has got pace and will go a long way. We hope we can keep hold of him!

“We showed we are men and can do something about it. I thought Abs Bolaji and Wayne Clarke were brilliant when they came on.”