Charman - ‘The 4-0 scoreline flattered Folkestone’

JPCT 201113 S13470703x Gary Charman, Horsham FC, manager -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131120135211
JPCT 201113 S13470703x Gary Charman, Horsham FC, manager -photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131120135211

Hornets manager Gary Charman believes his side played better than Saturday’s 4-0 result at the hands of Folkestone Invicta suggests.

He reckons it was just a bad day in the office rather than a disaster which was not helped by a couple of strange incidents which cost Horsham two goals.

Charman revealed: “It was a strange game. The right team won but the scoreline flattered them.

“Although we did not create much, we had a lot more possession than they did.

“They were given a goal by the referee and then there was the freak goal.

“Their goalkeeper was 30/40 yards outside his own area. He cleared the ball, the wind got behind it and it was one of those freak goals that happens every one or two years.

“Our goalkeeper had no chance. Mark (Zawadski) blames himself, I just put it down to a bad day at the office.”

The dramatic wind-assisted goal proved to be a vital blow to their morale.

Charman insisted: “We were probably the better side in the first half at 1-0 down. They scored again and it deflated us.

“The penalty for 3-0 should not have been given. Ross Morley and their player went in for a challenge. No-one appealed and there was no contact. The referee said there was intent.

“It was another strange one and overall the scoreline should have been 1-0, not 4-0.”

Charman could see talent in Folkestone’s 19-year-old who has been bought by Premier League Hull City - a jump of eight divisions in the pyramid.

“Johan Ter Horst had good movement and is a good young player. We gave him too much respect. He is not the best player in the league by any means but it’s good someone has taken a gamble on him. It shows the big boys keep watch at what happens at the lower levels of football.

“Jamie Cade did extremely well in a tough game. Overall a few players certainly underperformed.”

Charman wants to see some better performances in their two home important home games against Kent clubs Hythe Town on Tuesday and Herne Bay on Saturday.

“We have a massive game tomorrow and Saturday and nothing less than four points from the two games will be acceptable. We need an improved display in the final third as a group - not just our attacking players - the final pass hasn’t been good enough.”