100 not out for loyal fan

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MODERN day football fans are often pilloried for being fickle, but that’s certainly not a charge you could levy at Derek Burbidge.

Derek was among a number of Horsham FC supporters who witnessed their side lift the Brighton Charity Cup last week, though for him it marked another milestone.

His attendance at Worthing made it two whole seasons without missing a Hornets game, a run which includes friendlies and cup games.

“After doing every game last season I never planned on repeating it again this year, but after I’d got through three quarters I thought it’s a bit like a marathon so I’d better just keep going,” Derek said. “The good thing about it is my son, Neil, often comes with me to away games so it’s a nice bit of father and son time.”

Derek reckons he has been to around 130 straight matches, chalking up more than 5,000 miles of travelling. Considering Horsham won just three league games during a relegation stricken season, and at a time when many fans have abandoned them, his show of loyalty is all the more impressive.

Derek was delighted to see his unwavering commitment rewarded with a cup win, and like most Horsham fans says he hopes for more positive news on the new ground.