Langton: ‘We had no chance’

CARETAKER Hugo Langton criticised Helge Orome for lashing out at Jamie Crellin and getting sent-off which was the turning point in their 5-0 defeat at Hendon on Saturday.

He agreed with referee Matthew Hopton’s decision but disagreed with the second straight red card he brandished three minutes later to Calum McGeehan for bringing down Kenny Pogue in the area.

The two sendings-off and ensuing penalty kick meant Horsham were left 2-0 down with only nine men on the pitch with 25 minutes to go.

Langton said: “At 1-0 we were still in it - we’ve got players on the pitch who are capable of nicking goals.

“I’m not going to condone what Helge did - he had to go - he’s kicked out at someone I’m guessing through frustration and that’s changed the game suddenly.

“He’s devastated because he feels he’s let everyone down. The second one Calum has told me he’s got his toe on the ball. I defy anybody to try and win the game with nine men.

“I’ve got the hump with the referee (Matthew Hopton) because there were two two-footed challenges in my players (Kane Rice and Jake Jacobs) which went unpunished.

“He’s accepted my criticism but if you’re going to referee a game of football you’ve got to make the sure the decisions are fair.

“My players had no chance today but they tried, some of them ran through the pain barriers and pushed themselves to the limit.

“It wasn’t the best day today but it wasn’t the end of the World. I’ve told the players to forget about today, get a hug from their wives, girlfriends, mums and dads and keep believing in themselves.”

Horsham were trailing by just a single goal at the break, scored in the sixth minute by Pogue from six yards after being put through by Jordan Woodley.

Immediately after the second sending-off, Hastings went 2-0 up from the penalty spot, put away by Lee Carey.

Horsham’s defence looked in tatters, with two of the back-four in the changing room.

Horsham’s misery was compounded as they conceded three more goals in the last 13 minutes scored by Pogue, Jamie Crellin and Zac Attwood.

Horsham: Westoby, Orame, Salami, Youle (Rice 46), Jacobs, McGeehan, Nwachukwu (Hider 77), Peauroux (Hutchings 46), Davies, Eldridge, Freeman. Unused subs: Dunne, Varley