Donnelly backs crucial sending-off

HORSHAM YMCA manager Sammy Donnelly has backed referee Mark Tasker for sending-off his player even though they ended up losing 6-2 to Crowborough.

YM got off to a cracking start by going 2-0 up through a 16th minute own goal plus a second added by Lewis Scally.

Charlie Ottway pulled a goal back on 26 minutes and disaster struck.

YM left back Grant Philpott was given a straight red card and the balance of the game swung in favour of the home side.

Playing against 10 men for more than half the game, Crowborough scored five more goals netted by Jonathan Trotter, Tom Boddy, Ottway (2) and Nathan Millroy.

Donnelly moaned: “I am totally unhappy with referees this season. They have no sense of man-management and want to show as many yellow cards as possible like confetti at a wedding.

“However I will not condone any of my players using foul language and if Grant was sent-off for that reason I support the decision.”

Donnelly is awaiting the arrival of the referee’s report to confirm why Philpott was red-carded.

He added: “Mark Hawthorne received a yellow card in the second half for going up for a header and falling on top of a player but George Hillier was taken out by a tackle from behind and nothing was done.

“The referee didn’t cost us this game because we deserved the red card if swearing was the reason.”

Louis Massey made his debut from the under-18s and nearly scored after coming on in the second half for another newcomer to YM’s midfield, Joe Aquilina,

YM were without Lee Woods, Enzo Benn and Dean Wright who were all expected to miss Tuesday night’s home game against one of the title favourites, Redhill.

YMCA: Lockwood, Sullivan, D Smith, McDonald (Funnell 75), Philpott, Aquilina (Massey 46), Dugdale, Hunter (Hawthorne 46), Scalley, Hillier, Martin. Unused sub: Taylor