FAN’S VIEW: Chelsea and Manchester City show big money doesn’t guarantee success

Crawley Town fan Geoff Thornton gives his views in his new column SUS-150216-163154002
Crawley Town fan Geoff Thornton gives his views in his new column SUS-150216-163154002

A weekend off while others were playing in the second round of the FA Cup gave the opportunity for us all to take stock and ponder what the rest of the season might bring.

At least Mark Yates does not seem to have the problems that engulfed Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini last Saturday.

Those defeats for Chelsea and Manchester City further emphasised that spending big money does not necessarily ensure success.

Funding, or the lack of it, may however prove to be the key factor in the outcome of Crawley Town’s League Two campaign.

Controversy has surrounded Paul Hayward’s financial support but it has been vital in the survival of the club.

Our backer apparently spoke of a five-year-plan so the fact we are now well into the sixth season suggests the well could soon run dry.

For sure, without that Far Eastern resource we are under-funded for this level of the game.

Fans are well aware that several loan arrangements will come to an end shortly and are hoping the manager will be able to show similar expertise in finding replacements.

That may not be his problem as, although loan deals are invariably good value financially, they do not come without any cost to the receiving club.

We will find out just how close to the bone the Reds’ finances have been pared.

Hopefully CEO Michael Dunford can still confirm the club is debt-free even if it continues to trade at a loss each week.

Our problems may well be less than those faced by some of our rivals but the track is a well worn one. And it leads straight to the old cliché of the chicken and the egg.

The management have done well given the limited budget they have available but the inconsistent and occasionally wretched results are a big factor in the declining support at the turnstiles.

Fewer fans in the ground mean less is taken at the gate and consequently leads to a further reduction in the playing budget.

I think it is time the residents of Crawley showed they appreciate having their local club in the Football League by boosting the attendance at each home game.

Without that vote of confidence and increased gate money it is quite possible the manager’s task will prove too great and the Reds will slide back into the National League. Many clubs have found that returning to the Football League is a mightily difficult task.