Crawley Town head coach Harry Kewell gives polished performance at Fans’ Forum

Warren Feeney, Harry Kewell and Selim Gaygusuz speaking to Crawley Town supporters at the Fans' Forum. Picture by Graham Carter SUS-170823-104440002
Warren Feeney, Harry Kewell and Selim Gaygusuz speaking to Crawley Town supporters at the Fans' Forum. Picture by Graham Carter SUS-170823-104440002

Crawley Town head coach Harry Kewell dealt with some heated questions very professionally from supporters at the club’s Fans’ Forum last night.

He came over well despite being given a tough time and promised to provide Reds fans with one of their best seasons in years.

A packed room of around 80 people asked questions to him, his assistant Warren Feeney and the director of football Selim Gaygusuz.

One long-standing fan called Rob asked why the team this season was playing in a ‘disgusting’ manner, compared with previous years when Sergio Torres helped light up the ground.

Kewell said: “Four games, we have had 77 chances.

“You are all fans and you want to support your team and that’s phenomenal.

“I have played with a Torres as well!

“It takes time. You will see a change, trust me. How many seasons have you supported Crawley, 69?

“You will see a change. This will be one of your best ones, trust me!”

Another fan asked if anyone had checked on huge Dutch striker Thomas Verheydt’s ability before signing him as he cannot score.

Warren answered saying Verheydt has played in the Dutch equivalent of the Championship and is adapting to playing in England.

He added the management have belief in him that the Dutchman will come good.

Harry added that his timing for jumping may be out.

Crawley Observer columnist Geoff Thornton asked about the selection for the Birmingham City game in the Carabao Cup, saying it was ‘disrespectful’ to the competition, to the opposition and the fans who travelled.

Kewell was surprised by the question - he said: “What is the biggest percentage of injuries at the start of the season? They come off holidays, they work hard.

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to have 22-24 players available.

“Every single player has deserved to play. They are fighting every single day to play in my team.

“The one thing I want to do is to give everyone an opportunity.

“I played a team against Port Vale. I picked which I thought deserved to play, a fantastic opportunity to play a Championship team at St Andrew’s.

“I picked a team for that game which I thought could do something.

“The first five or six minutes were a bit sloppy. Then we controlled the game all the way up to the 35th minute. We had chances. If we had taken them, it could have been a completely different story.

“We had a moment of lapse, yes, and that was the difference and they scored and they pounced on it. It was unfortunate. But my players gave everything that night.

“The referee played a part - at the weekend (against Cambridge) we had four penalty incidents in the box - I am not crying for that as that’s football.

“We gave away a sloppy goal, yes. What hurts is when you say you are disgusted in the way we are playing.

“I am a young manager, I am more hungry than any of you together. I appreciate all the information, I will make this happen.”