Crawley Town fans have mixed reactions to New Year's message from owner Ziya Eren

Crawley Town fans have had a mixed reaction to owner Ziya Eren's latest statement.

Eren's New Year message was printed on the club's website today (Friday) and started with: "I wish everyone associated with our club a happy new year together with all the health and happiness for 2019.

Crawley Town owner Ziya Eren

Crawley Town owner Ziya Eren

"Reflecting at the halfway point of the season, one could say we have had a season that has been very eventful. Despite the changes and misfortunes experienced, the players have shown immense character and resilience to demonstrate their abilities." You can read the full statement here

But some Crawley Town fans have asked for more from the owner with assurances about investment and the players while others defended Eren.

Sam Jordan from the Crawley Town Supporters Alliance said on the CRAWLEY TOWN 4 LIFE Facebook page: "Ziya has only attended 1 League game this season. How interested is he in fulfilling his original ambitions of reaching the Championship? Does he feel this is realistic now? When will he next be at a game?

"The CTSA donated £8,000 to the football club for a seat on the board but he has yet to attend a board meeting himself. Why didn’t he or his vice chair attend the unveiling of the stadium sponsorship (a pretty big deal for the club)."

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Nick Hilton added: "Fans have a number of concerns regarding the motivation and long term plans of the owners while there are short terms issues such as the recruitment process for the manager and plans for the transfer window .

"None of these issues are covered and frankly it's a pointless statement - reminding me of Mr Grace in Are You Being Served - 'you've all done very well'!

But other fans defended Eren and praised him for his investment to the club. Bill Lancaster said: "Give him some slack. He has put big money into the club and the stadium so let him spend it as he wants.

"He doesn't speak English nor does he write in our language, he has often stated his views and ambition and matched it so far with his money. I personally am thankful he is there and appreciate what he has done for us, I just hope and trust he will continue. Ask yourself where the club could have been before he stepped in and bought it?"

Theresa Barnes said: "What is wrong with people just leave him alone who else is interested in Crawley no one in this country."

Phil Jarman added: "Crawley are a league 2 club.... no more no less... I don't mean that in a bad way , I love the club, wouldn't of put my neck on the line when I did , but we have to look at the big picture... the club has became a real professional team off the field and endeavour to do their best with what budgets allow. When you look at some clubs bigger than ours in the league below you have to count your blessings...and enjoy the good times and roll with the defeats."

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