Win Sussex tickets by entering our fantasy cricket league

JPCT 150511 Cricket. Horsham v Three Bridges. Devon Endersby   -photo by steve cobb
JPCT 150511 Cricket. Horsham v Three Bridges. Devon Endersby -photo by steve cobb

THE Sussex cricket season is in full swing - so now it’s time to get your entry in for the County Times Heaven’s XI fantasy cricket league.

Think you can do a better job at selecting a team then Andy Flower? Well here’s your chance to prove it with our free to enter competition.

Simply choose your XI man team from the list of players below. Your selection must consist of five batsmen, one wicketkeeper, one all-rounder and four bowlers and there must be no more than THREE players from any one team.

Your team must be worth at least 30 points or more and there will be no transfers. A weekly round-up will be featured in the West Sussex County Times, with the full listings online at

Scores count from April 30, giving you a chance to assess the early scores. The overall winner will pick up a family ticket to a Sussex CCC CB40 home game of their choice.

You can pick up an entry form in paper, or enter via e-mail to

Batsmen Club Rating

Gary Hunt Steyning 1

Matt Sewell Steyning 1

Rohit Jagota Pulborough 1

Devon Endersby Horsham 1

Johann Brouwer Southwater 1

Mike Norris Roffey 1

Josh Fleming Roffey 1

Angus Cox Horsham Trinity 1

Chris Kidd Horsham Trinity 1

Mike Burroughs Billingshurst 1

J Dumbrill Wisborough Green 1

R Southgate Wisborough Green 1

Sam Tarratt Partridge Green 2

Dan Smith Partridge Green 2

Matt Laker Partridge Green 2

Hywel Jones Steyning 2

Chris Crampton Henfield 2

Graham Fuller Henfield 2

Tom Crump Pulborough 2

Sachin Chaudhary Pulborough 2

Max Barson Pulborough 2

Phil Roper Pulborough 2

Guy Thorne Slinfold 2

James Johnson Horsham 2

Sam Attfield Horsham 2

Craig Gallagher Horsham 2

Dave Baker BBH 2

George Fleming Roffey 2

Chris Plaister Roffey 2

Steve Cox Horsham Trinity 2

Scott Stratton Billingshurst 2

W Currie Wisborough Green 2

John Tudhope Partridge Green 3

James Godwin Partridge Green 3

Scott Pederson Henfield 3

Mark Hopgood Henfield 3

Steven Haines Slinfold 3

Ethan Ansell Slinfold 3

John Burroughs Horsham 3

Paul Osbourne Southwater 3

Danny Humphreys Southwater 3

Jordan Ruff BBH 3

Brandon Ovington BBH 3

Simon Shivnarain Roffey 3

Aamar Khan Roffey 3

Ian Haggart Storrington 3

Luke Talbot Storrington 3

Matt Talbot Storrington 3

Andrew Perch Horsham Trinity 3

Rob Bartlett Horsham Trinity 3

Pete Burroughs Billingshurst 3

Andy Simmons Billingshurst 3

Ash Jefferies Billingshurst 3

M Hennock Wisborough Green 3

D Gregory Wisborough Green 3

Jamie Carter Steyning 4

Dave Curtis-Botting Steyning 4

Dave Lenon Partridge Green 4

Tom Dawborn Partridge Green 4

Kenny Wyatt Partridge Green 4

Ian White Partridge Green 4

Brett Moore Henfield 4

Ken Westoby Slinfold 4

Andrew Hillman Horsham 4

Matt Lacey Southwater 4

Greg Young Southwater 4

Benjamin Watkins Southwater 4

Martin Yepson Southwater 4

Matt Tyson BBH 4

Tim Wells BBH 4

Chris Webb Roffey 4

Matt Davies Roffey 4

Rob Norris Storrington 4

Paul Cockley Storrington 4

Chris Hurst Storrington 4

Tim Weston Billingshurst 4

Toby Loxley Billingshurst 4

Will Gooda Billingshurst 4

M Southon Wisborough Green 4

T Courquin Wisborough Green 4

David Kennett Steyning 5

Ben Buckley Steyning 5

Lee Mottershead Steyning 5

Tim Coghill Slinfold 5

Dave Busby Henfield 5

Paul Gallagher Horsham 5

James Drew Southwater 5

Brian Hogan Southwater 5

Alex Southern Roffey 5

Ollie Bidlake Roffey 5

Martin Fisher Storrington 5

Colin Newton Billingshurst 5

Wicketkeepers Club Rating

Chris McPherson Steyning 1

Aaron Jeal Roffey 1

Luke Woolgar Partridge Green 2

Will Howard Pulborough 2

N Woodward Wisborough Green 2

Matt Shuttlewood Slinfold 3

Matt Simpson Horsham 3

Bryan Streeter Southwater 3

Rich Brown Billingshurst 3

Tom Bennett BBH 4

Mark Haggart Storrington 4

Charlie Sainsbury Billingshurst 4

Matt Yates Slinfold 5

Joe Wilde Horsham Trinity 5

Rob Banyard Horsham Trinity 5

All rounders Club Rating

Ed Lamb Steyning 1

Robbie Slaughter Henfield 1

Kuldeep Rawat Pulbrough 1

Hayden McIntyre Slinfold 1

Owain Jones Horsham 1

Andy Barr Billingshurst 3

Joe Tourle Partridge Green 2

Sam Grant Steyning 2

Nick Baker Southwater 2

Dan Smith Roffey 2

Michael White Horsham Trinity 2

Tom Filby Slinfold 3

Grant Ovington BBH 3

T Ott Wisborough Green 3

Mike Groves Storrington 4

Jack Gold Horsham Trinity 4

Bowlers Club Rating

Damon Earp Henfield 1

Will Beer Horsham 1

Matt Henry Horsham 1

Luke Barnard Roffey 1

Andrew McGorian Roffey 1

Max Lee Horsham Trinity 1

Joe Cox Horsham Trinity 1

Phil Erasmus Billingshurst 1

L Paske Wisborough Green 1

Sam Garman Partridge Green 2

Tony Brugnoli Henfield 2

Amit Suman Pulborough 2

Phil Awcock Slinfold 2

Charlie Haire Slinfold 2

Fred Bridges BBH 2

Ben Williams Billingshurst 2

Andy Welfare Billingshurst 2

Kelly Russell Billingshurst 2

R Parkes (snr) Wisborough Green 2

Andy Isaacs Steyning 3

Minh Nguyen Steyning 3

Antony Eely Partridge Green 3

Tim Laker Partridge Green 3

Barry Dumbrill Partridge Green 3

Chris Hand Partridge Green 3

Will Culver Henfield 3

Craig Scott Henfield 3

Tim Parsons Henfield 3

Struan Cameron Pulborough 3

Shane West Pulborough 3

Johnny Welsh Pulborough 3

Harry Swetman Slinfold 3

Brad Vanstone Slinfold 3

Luke Fisher Horsham 3

Paul Williams Horsham 3

Duncan Tidy Southwater 3

Jeff Dawe BBH 3

Alex Collins Roffey 3

Paul Wooley Storrington 3

Matt Pickard Storrington 3

James Groves Storrington 3

Alex Barritt Storrington 3

Tim Street Horsham Trinity 3

S Courquin Wisborough Green 3

J Fowler Wisborough Green 3

T Hennock Wisborough Green 3

Bill Buckley Steyning 4

Tim Humphries Steyning 4

Michael Warden Henfield 4

Harrison Webb Slinfold 4

Ali Awcock Slinfold 4

James Newman Horsham 4

Andrew Thornely Horsham 4

Matt Laker Southwater 4

Sam Riggs Southwater 4

Andrew Carvell Southwater 4

Alex Case BBH 4

Matt Baker BBH 4

Neil Charman BBH 4

Ben Chappels Horsham Trinity 4

Alex Lowther Billingshurst 4

D Pettitt Wisborough Green 4

R Parkes (Jnr) Wisborough Green 4

Harry Deacon Steyning 5

Luke Chapman Steyning 5

Tim Beale Slinfold 5

Tom Campbell Slinfold 5

Dan Pickard Storrington 5

Ryan Kirkland Billingshurst 5

Ady Dudman Billingshurst 5

Mark Upton Billingshurst 5

M Hughes-Short Wisborough Green 5

R Ansell Wisborough Green 5

J Courquin Wisborough Green 5