There are 19 changes to the Laws of Cricket in 2019 - but do you know what they are?

There are 19 changes to the Laws of Cricket in April 2019.

Friday, 1st February 2019, 8:21 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 8:27 pm
The Laws of Cricket have changed

From time lost to the definition of waist - the MCC have changed, rewritten and revised the laws. Here is a list of the changes. For more information please visit the MCC website here

Law 11.2.2 error in cross referencing has been corrected.
Law 15 clarifies that a declared innings is a completed innings.
Law 16.3.3 and Law 42.1.5 have been amended to allow for time to be added on if it was lost due to umpires intervening to deal with player behaviour.
Law 16.7 The second paragraph of this Law has been changed to mention the side batting lasts innings being completed, rather than it losing all wickets.
Law 18.6 correction to the number of occasions an umpire must disallow runs.
Law 21.6 Bowler breaking the wicket in delivering the ball and Law 41.16 Non-striker leave his/her ground early have been change to allow for an accidental run-out of the non-striker by the bowler. Clarification of the MCCs interpretation of these Laws in provided.
Law 21.12 reference to clause has been removed from the list.
Law reference to Law has been added
Law 30.1.2 final sentence was not required and has been removed
Law 33.4 error in cross referencing has been corrected.
Law 34.3 Sentence added have first paragraph - The striker may guard his/her wicket even if the delivery is a No ball.
Law 37.3 Law has been rewritten
Law 39.3.1 Law has been rewritten
Law 39.3.2 amended to remove reference to Law 26.6.5
Laws 41.2/41.19 as both were similar Law 41.2 has been rewritten and 41.19 removed.
Law 41.7 completely revised Law
Laws and have been rewritten
Law 42.7.2 clarifies application of penalties committed by substitutes and by runners
Appendix A new definition of the waist (for judging beamers)