Jofra Archer brings the World Cup to Horsham Cricket Club

Three and half a years ago, Jofra Archer made is debut for Horsham Cricket Club.

And on July 14 this year he bowled the Super Over which won England the World Cup. It's been a meteoric rise for the 24-year-old.

Jofra Archer is quizzed at Horsham Cricket Club

Jofra Archer is quizzed at Horsham Cricket Club

And the fast bowler brought the World Cup trophy back home to Horsham, where he also held a Q&A where Horsham Cricket Club youngsters got to ask him questions about his career and the winning the World Cup.

Hundreds packed into the Cricket Field Road top get a glimpse of the trophy.

Horsham Cricket Club chairman Richard Marshall: It's taken on a life of it's own. We thought we were going to have a reasonably quiet event it's just took off. We had to restrict numbers and here we are.

"We have put a speaker outside so people who couldn't get in could hear the Q&A.

"It's great for the club. He's been here all day and he's been doing interviews in different parts of the club. He has really entered into the spirit of the day.

And Marshall has enjoyed watching him establish himself as an England player.

He said: "It's been really good watching him this summer. I remember all those years ago asking him if he wanted to come and play for us. We understood he needed to come and play club cricket. So he came to us then he got nicked by Sussex!

"I realised what an asset they had on their doorstep. I always thought he had that x-factor. I really do think in celebrity status up there with Ben Stokes, Shane Warne and Ian Botham.

"He is always welcome back at the club."

The even came about after Mark Wood borrowed the World Cup to take it back to his club and after that the ECB thought it would be a good idea that all 14 players in the squad do the same. Jason Roy took the trophy back to Reigate Priory last night (Saturday).

Jofra was asked questions about how old he was when he started playing, why he wears number 22, and THAT Super Over.