Can you spot anyone you know from our picture special at Horsham Boxing Club's 'brilliant show'?

Horsham Boxing Club had 13 of their own fighters on the bill for the club's annual home show at the Holbrook Club on Saturday night.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 1:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 2:32 pm
Horsham Boxing Club Zack Rhioui. Picture by Toby Phillips

The annual event was once again heralded a success and ‘a brilliant show’ as hundreds attended the evening at the North Heath Lane venue.

Horsham coach John Essex said: “It was a great night and a brilliant show - probably the best one we have had yet. Lots of people turned out to support and the boys did well.

“Myself and Danny Essex would like to thank all the boxers and fans who turned out to support the club.”

Horsham Boxing Club Zack Rhioui. Picture by Toby Phillips

Opening the show was Ryan Wilson against Guildford’s Andre Whitby and James Dawes against Rose Hill’s Max Pipkin in skills bouts which were well competed.

In the first junior bout of the night, Horsham’s Zack Rhioui faced East Brighton’s Harley Pettit. In an exciting bout, Rhioui took control with good, fast punches and took the win.

Next was the bout of the night between Josh Mercer and the taller and heavier George Peck from Chichester Boxing Club. Mercer’s fast movement and hard punching saw him to victory.

Callum Knapp had Billericay’s Reg Tulley on the canvas within 20 seconds from a hard right and left hook, but Tulley was up at the count of eight only for the referee soon stepping in to stop things.

Madav Purcell then secured a second-round knockout win over Ashford’s Hugo Lelubre after a dominant showing.

A tough clash between Oscar Nicholls and Billericay’s Hamza Butt followed with the visiting boxer taking a split-point win. Heavyweight Harry Mattock then lost out to Hornchurch’s Aaron Morley on another split-point win after three hard-fought rounds.

Horsham’s Tom Kelly then faced his toughest fight yet against Lee Wherle, who came out landing very hard punches. Kelly couldn’t recover and the home corner threw in the towel.

Club captain Simon Bayliss then took on Canvey’s Roy Ford. Bayliss put on a relentless attack from the first round to take a comfortable win.

The first female fight of the night saw Josie Janes lose on points to Repton’s Seema Aggarwal. Libby Baker then took a knockout win against Riverside’s Lucy Whitby. Baker.

The final bout saw George Porter’s clash with Dominic Smereczynski stopped after the Horsham boxer missed with a right hand and dislocated his shoulder.

Horsham junior trainer Dan Purchase said: “All three of our younger lads did fantastically well. It’s an achievement in itself to walk into a ring alone in front of a few hundred people including your family and friends, but at only 10 and 11 years of age, this is even more impressive.”

“James and Ryan performed very well in their skills bouts and Zack has now won two in two and boxed in a very controlled and dominant way.”