Ysabel stars in pop singer’s new video

Ysabel and Jessie J
Ysabel and Jessie J

A SOUTHWATER girl has had a taste of fame, featuring in a famous UK singer’s video.

Ysabel Hardy, aged nine, is featured in Jessie J’s video for new single ‘Who’s Laughing Now’, written about the star’s experience of bullying at school.

As part of the Act Too stage school in Horsham, Ysabel has been acting since she was five, and is registered with model agency Norrie Carr in London.

It was through this agency that she was put forward for the Jessie J video.

Ysabel’s mum Sarah said: “They sent me a text asking if she would audition for the video.

“We went along and they asked her to act like a bully so she had to pull all these faces. A couple of days later I got a text to say she had got it and we went to London to shoot it.”

For the video Ysabel had to learn lines from the song, which meant lip-synching in some scenes.

Sarah said: “The video shoot was a long day but Ysabel was so excited that she didn’t notice.

“She was called to wardrobe just before lunch and on her way she met Jessie J and was very excited.

“Jessie was lovely and asked her how she was and if she was having a good day.”

As well as appearing in the music video Ysabel will be in ‘Les Miserables’ in October at the Capitol theatre in Horsham.

Sarah said: “My husband and I, and the whole family, are extremely proud of her.”

About the day she said: “Ysabel had a wonderful day and enjoyed every minute of it as did I.”

The video was released on Monday August 8 and was filmed on Saturday July 30.

Jessie J, 23, burst on to the scene at the end of last year with debut single ‘Do It like a Dude’, which was originally written for US singer Rihanna.

The single ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ is out September 4 and is taken from the album ‘Who You Are’.

To see Ysabel in the video visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsxSxF3JKeU&feature=youtu.be