Yet more building is on the way

Yet more houses and cars for Storrington! This week the Planning Inspectorate allowed an appeal which will result in 78 new dwellings being built at the end of Hampers Lane. And the inquiry never even mentioned the impact of new traffic on the Storrington Air Quality Management Area.

Yet the inspector found the walk into the village unpleasant and dangerous, so clearly expected occupiers of the new

properties to drive into the village.

In September the district council approved the building of 146 dwellings at Abingworth in Thakeham. Meanwhile, 41 retirement flats are under construction at St Joseph’s, 29 at Foxmead and 42 are planned for Ryecroft Lane. That makes a total of 336 additional dwellings.

The pressure on Storrington is likely to continue. Last week the district council published a draft Air Quality Action Plan and said: “Creating an AQMA does not sterilise development within its [the AQMA’s] area.”

So we see: it’s development business as usual.

The council has a duty to restore safe levels of air quality in Storrington, but it is doing nothing

effective to protect the environment of existing residents and council tax payers.

Existing pollution in Storrington is already at such a level that it will be impossible to return to safe levels in the foreseeable future – whatever the draft Action Plan says.

Meanwhile, looming ever larger, is the prospect of Waitrose’s application, which would triple the size of its current store and undoubtedly lead to more vehicles coming into the village. Why else would Waitrose plan

to build a much larger car park?

Sometimes it seems that everyone is determined to get their bit out of - or into - Storrington. It has become a village that things are done to, rather than done for.


Chairman, Save Our Storrington, Nightingale Close, Storrington