Why extra cost at The Pavilions?

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How wonderful it is to be in the year of the Olympics, once again hosted by Great Britain.

For the past few years Horsham District Council have been highly promoting the benefits of fitness, exercise and wellbeing. I would therefore like you to explain to me why it now costs me and numerous other residents one pound fifty pence to swim (or otherwise exercise) at Pavilions, thus making a swim cost six pounds!

For the same amount of time I can shop till I drop for one pound at Piries Place. I look forward to receiving your explanation!



A spokesperson for Horsham District Council said: Charges that have been set for parking in the Hurst Road car park in Horsham are considered to be reasonable and take account of its proximity to Horsham Railway Station to ensure that it is not used by commuters at the expense of users of the Pavilions in the Park and Horsham Park. Charges for swimming and other activities at the Pavilions in the Park are considered to offer good value for money and this is regularly reflected in the customer surveys that are undertaken.