When will Horsham Forum work end?

DOES anybody know how much longer the paving work at the Horsham Forum by contractors Carillion is to continue?

One could be forgiven for thinking that the project has no end and that Carillion are treating it as a training ground for their concrete slab layers, Class of 2010 and now Class of 2011.

Is Horsham DC aware that this project is still on-going; and if they are, I have failed to see any urgency injected by them as a means to reduce inconvenience to residents and local businesses.

It certainly would be helpful to understand if any financial liability for the work falls to Horsham residents. If so what was the project start budget and current budget given any subsequent cost uplifts?

Also, it would be helpful to gain some appreciation as to the amount spent to date.

Moreover, is there any likelihood of any ‘loss of incomes’ claims from businesses near the Piazza being in part being met from local taxes?

Horsham Council do have a varied history when it comes to capital projects.

I seem to remember that the current swimming pool had a tiling problem as did the previous pool.

Have lessons been learnt?


Two Mile Ash Road