What savings in Horsham?

HOW IRONIC that in the same week the County Times carried a headline entitled ‘Cuts ahead as district council set to save £1.3m’, the Sunday Times carried an advertisement for a director of corporate resources for Horsham District Council at a salary of £90,000 per year.

It is clearly true that politicians, civil servants and those who run local authorities have absolutely no concept of financial management, particularly when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money.

In addition to the director of corporate resources, HDC is also advertising on its website for a health and safety training officer (£28,000 pa), a building control officer (£28,000 pa) and a solicitor (maternity cover, £37,000 pa), which makes something of a mockery of their claim to be reducing staff costs by axing five full time jobs.

With councillors paying themselves £330,000 a year in allowances and 17 senior staff members taking home between them £1.4m in salaries and benefits, while taking six weeks’ holiday a year, it is little wonder the council finds itself short of funds.

It is only a pity that instead of looking at their own pay and perks, it is the services provided to taxpaying residents which are due to suffer.


Broomfield Drive, Billingshurst