What about the seniors?

I REFER to the intention to close Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and therefore see an end to the 50-plus Club.

I do not think district councillor Jonathan Chowen fully understands the importance of how this will affect the older people in the Horsham and district community.

To suggest rebuilding the leisure centre with just one sports hall plus gym etc, is, quite frankly, ridiculous and pathetic.

The activities provided by the 50-plus Club include Tensho Chi, Easybeat exercise, pilates, aerobics, yoga, tap dancing, table tennis, short mat bowls, archery, trampolining, badminton, and a craft workshop.

How on earth can all this take place in one hall? It obviously cannot, thereby seeing an end to this very valuable amenity.

As I see it Mr Chowen, to give him the benefit of the doubt, does not fully appreciate the club’s importance or, and this is more likely, he is deliberately ‘turning a blind eye’ to the fact that it is not only providing senior citizens the opportunity to keep fit and healthy but it is a valuable ‘lifeline’ to some, being able to get out and meet people and socialise in a friendly environment.

I joined the 50-plus Club as a volunteer helper when it was first set up in 1994 and later on took on the running of the club. Membership cards were issued and on average 400 people registered throughout the year.

During my time in charge so much importance was placed on keeping senior citizens active and yearly exhibitions were held to this affect.

I would like to express my thanks to Chris Dier for his help, encouragement and support for the club, which was held in high acclaim throughout the district.

I therefore urge Mr Chowen and his associates to please think very carefully about what they are about to do.

Yes, money is important in this difficult financial time but equally so is the healthy lifestyle and happiness of the older people in the community, THEY DESERVE IT.


Stanford Way, Broadbridge Heath