West Sussex roads a ‘patchwork of repairs’

JPCT 141013 S13411205x photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131014161428
JPCT 141013 S13411205x photo by Steve Cobb ENGSUS00120131014161428

We have been informed by the media that West Sussex has repaired pot holes in excess of Government targets.

I suppose we should applaud this but as always it is quantity over quality.

Unfortunately the quality is not in abundance.

We have seen operatives, I am sure working to targets, repairing holes in atrocious weather conditions like frost and persistent rain.

This is not rocket science to realise that pothole repairs need good ambient conditions to adhere to base surfaces.

Many of these potholes still remain and are in dangerous situations.

We see a white marker depicting a repair required but this will not save the motorist that loses a wheel or damaged suspension.

Travelling around West Sussex it is now a patchwork of repairs.

We have seen these increased construction sites and related services that have dug up the road infrastructure and replaced this with poor repairs to our roads.

We see no follow up control by West Sussex highways on these service providers.

It is becoming an embarrassment that we have to now drive along what can be described as ploughed fields.

You will need a 4x4 to negotiate a trip to town soon.

We need to see a proper resurfacing programme that will be sustainable.

The science is out there but the will of West Sussex County Council is not.

Tony Hicks

Broome Close, Horsham