We must plan for future waste

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Plans for the incinerator have been rejected but we have to address the fundamental issue that we create too much waste.

Landfill is not an option, so we have to look at other ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce and of that which we do, find ways of increasing recycling, with the waste that cannot be, disposed of with least damage to our environment.

We must change our mindset to reduce production of waste.

Waste bins around towns must provide the ability to recycle. At present all goes to landfill.

Communities must be challenged to improve their recycling rates, using both reward and penalty schemes.

Waste incinerators can produce energy and final waste capacity by 80% so for now they are a viable method. There is a cement works near Shoreham that because of asbestos problem lays dormant. An investment to clear this site and build a waste processing site away from communities making use of a derelict site.

We must start planning for the future, as West Sussex’s population, like it or not, will get bigger.

Derek Moore

Millfield, Southwater