We have a feral council

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SO, ROBERT Nye, leader of Horsham District Council, sees the demolition of a leisure centre as ‘a golden opportunity’ to improve leisure facilities across the district. Where is the sense in this?

Surely a far better option would be to undertake the required maintenance and gold plate our existing leisure centre to safeguard its future use?

The Tories’ cavalier approach to our leisure centre once more demonstrates that this is a feral council run to satisfy its own interests and not those of the electorate.

Time and again the council pushes ahead with unpopular policies that support their agenda and not the needs and wishes of local residents.

Three such recent examples include the council’s approach to the Old Town Hall, sustainable development within Horsham and across our district and now our local leisure centre.

1. Horsham residents expressed a wish to retain the Old Town Hall as a community facility, instead our council wanted to sell off our historic community hub to yet another chain restaurant.

2. Horsham-wide consultation repeatedly evidences that we want sustainable development to deliver the affordable homes that we need, and instead our council does deals with developers that deliver massive profits for house builders and very little for those currently living in inappropriate accommodation.

3. No consultation took place on the proposed demolition of the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, a new low even for this naturally open and transparent adverse council.

Then in the week when Horsham residents rise up as one to state their opposition to its demolition, the leader of the pack announces that he has spotted another golden opportunity.

When will our Tory councillors learn that what Horsham residents want in exchange for their council tax is a range of council services that will benefit our community and not simply a focus on business opportunities that benefit private companies.

Where the Lib Dems have consistently failed to oppose the worst excesses of this rogue council from within the council chamber we hope that at long last the Tories will hear the storm of opposition that is now rising across the district and rethink its position on our local leisure centre.


Chair, Horsham Labour Party

Clarence Road,