Voting for pride and prosperity

Councillor Barnard in his letter (‘Politics’, County Times February 2) asserts that a vote for UKIP in the forthcoming county council elections is a vote wasted.

In this he is sadly mistaken, because the only votes that are wasted in any election are those of people who cannot be bothered to visit a polling station, or arrange a proxy or apply for a postal vote.

Otherwise any elector has a democratic right to vote for any of the candidates on the ballot paper, although some hoary politicians may wish otherwise.

C. Howarth is perfectly entitled to vote for the UKIP candidate in his electoral division and I can well understand why he should wish to do so.

He probably resents the uncontrolled tide of immigration that is putting pressure on housing, jobs, our National Health Service and on the welfare system, matters concerning which the established parties seem to be helpless.

Equally, he may be angered by the way the party of government, the Conservatives, seems intent on debauching our currency, eroding pension values whilst destroying hard-earned savings.

Moreover, he may deplore the Government’s fixation on minor issues such as homosexual marriage when our world seems to be tumbling about our ears and our capacity to defend ourselves is disappearing before our eyes.

Councillor Barnard writes of local issues as taking precedence over matters of state. In so doing perhaps he is referring to the question of the relentless destruction of our countryside that is being buried under a sea of new housing.

The truth of the matter is that Horsham District is being ‘pickled’ and there is nothing effective that local politicians can do about it because if they try, the long arm of the Planning Inspectorate will assuredly scupper their feeble posturing.

Yes, I too will vote UKIP on May 2 along with thousands of others in Horsham District, in the hope that national pride and prosperity can be restored within our country.


The Coopers, Itchingfield