Village that is facing extinction

The County Times article on July 19 ‘Controversial plans for 500 homes put on hold’ summarised the latest twist in the Berkeleys/HDC/Southwater saga but omitted to make clear one key point.

The revised application that Berkeleys will make in the autumn, if the council indicates that it is giving serious consideration to Southwater for inclusion in the ‘Local Plan’ will not be for 500; it will be for 2,750- plus!

Keep Southwater Green has always been quite clear that this was Berkeley’s ultimate goal. It was such in the initial presentation three years ago and it has never sought to deny at any stage that if it got 500 now it would be looking for the full amount shortly afterwards.

Let everyone be quite clear about this. Southwater faces extinction as a village unless our district councillors, as they triumphantly did last week, continue to think more broadly than their planning department.


Keep Southwater Green,

Marlhurst, Southwater