Vast monolith will dominate

So Waitrose has finally submitted its revised application to expand its Storrington store, although paper plans have not yet been released to the parish council and local library. A quick glance through the online version, however, is deeply depressing.

Anyone who had hoped that Waitrose would listen to the huge numbers of villagers who expressed their opposition to such a massive development will be severely disappointed.

For there has been no scaling-down. There is still a two-storey car park. The plans still show a vast monolith that would dominate the centre of our downland village.

If approved, this would be not so much a development as a takeover.

But first things first: the year-long demolition and construction process would disrupt normal village and commercial life to the extent that one would fear for the survival of some local traders. And thousands of tonnes of spoil and building materials would be dragged through our village streets on countless HGVs.

Let us hope that our elected representatives will step in to save Storrington from the irreversible consequences of this disproportionate application.


Water Lane, Storrington