Various hazards for pedestrians

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Regarding the article last week on page four of the Horsham edition, I wish to add the following observations regarding the narrows you depicted in Crawley Road, Horsham, at its junction with Millthorpe Road.

Because of hedges extending beyond properties at that point and narrowing the footpath, it is restricting use of the path.

On more than one occasion whilst walking by with my umbrella up, I have been hurled into the hedge by a passing large vehicle having to drive close to the kerb.

I find several instances where people allow their hedges to encroach over public footpaths. Is there not some authority that should check for this?

Additionally, if the highway authority reads your paper, perhaps they could come and fix the rectangular manhole cover by the mini roundabout at that junction, and a broken drain grating just past the roundabout going up Crawley Road. Both of these clatter dreadfully when traffic drives over them.

As for the atrocious short stretch of path alongside Robinswood Court in Rusper Road, which I have reported more than once over time, perhaps they can get on with levelling and resurfacing it as requested.

In the present wet weather it becomes an obstacle course trying to circumnavigate past the many puddles that form, bearing in mind those of us senior citizens who have to use it daily.


Rusper Road, Horsham