Urgent need for action at bridge

All local residents will welcome your article highlighting the traffic problems occurring adjacent to the railway bridge on the A283 Stopham Road, Pulborough (South Downs edition, October 4).

However, concerns regarding this situation go back much further than was suggested and proposed improvements were included in the Pulborough Village Transport Plan which was drawn up by Pulborough Parish Council in conjunction with West Sussex County Council in 2009.

The urgent need for action was re-emphasised in a subsequent Transport Consultation document and requests for work to be undertaken to deal with the problem have been made to WSCC on many occasions since them by local individuals and organisations but without success.

Any solution must include an integrated scheme to open up the north (London bound) platform to pedestrian and vehicular access with more parking on unused land on the west side of the station, together with traffic control under the railway bridge and a pedestrian crossing from the south side of Station Street to give safer access to the railway station and the bus stop in Station Approach.

It should also be recorded that the 2009 Village Transport Plan identified some improvements which could be made to Swan Corner, Pulborough, where recently there was a fatal accident, but none of these have yet been implement by WSCC.


Lyntons, Pulborough