Unnacceptable wait for phone

Further to your article concerning difficulties with getting a phone line, it is clear that as a monopoly BT service needs reviewing.

In Horsham alone there are almost 2,500 houses being built in the next few years and yet they do not seem to have a proper plan of action.

I have seen Openreach vans come to the estate on a regular basis but the operatives are working on a piecemeal manner.

One of them told me it was only a 15 minute job to connect but I wasn’t on his list.

Similarly, I have heard that there have been delays due to the floods around the country and reconnecting being an understandable priority. Also that they have taken on other companies to fill the gaps in service.

Fortunately I have been able to go to the library to use the computers there and also the council offices.

As much as I like Horsham town there is a limit. The walk at least keeps me fit!

Your article ends with the statement from the BT spokesman ‘that if there were any outstanding orders they would investigate them’.

BT seems to have lost the plot. My order is not ‘outstanding’ as it is not due to be dealt with until mid-January. It is in fact that it takes eight weeks to complete the job. My provider sent me the confirmation letter on November 20.

On top of that I have to pay BT £99 for the installation and be in my house from 8am to 1pm on the chosen date.

Why should residents of any property have to wait an unnecessarily long time to get things done?

I haven’t even started with the other utilities yet!


(LDem) Horsham district councillor for Forest West, The Boulevard, Horsham