United against the badger cull

Thanks to the County Times for printing a photo of myself with Brian May recently, at the launch of the Team Badger coalition against the proposed badger cull.

It’s not often the chief executive of a Horsham wildlife charity gets to meet rock royalty, so it was quite a moment for me! But the serious side of the whole thing was that we, Brian and the country’s top animal charities were uniting against the cull.

At Care for the Wild we’re vehemently opposed to the cull, as the science backing it simply doesn’t stack up. I won’t go into details here as the arguments for and against are freely available.

Our focus now though is on consumer choice, as we feel that people who want to buy organic dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt from non-cull farms should be able to.

We commissioned a YouGov poll to this effect, and one in three people who buy organic produce said they were ‘likely’ to boycott organic food if it came from cull-farms.

I think those numbers would include a lot of people from the Sussex area, and feel that this issue is only going to grow more important as the first shots of what we feel is an extremely ill-advised cull are fired.

To help consumers, we’ve produced a logo which we feel should be used by the supermarkets, and even places like McDonalds which use organic milk. If you share our feelings, please contact your local supermarket and let them know.

To see the logo visit www.careforthewild.com



Chief executive, Care for the Wild, Brighton road, Horsham