Typical tactics

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I READ your story in the April 12 County Times and would like to back up Mr Downe’s comments about Acorn Plus.

Last year our fence was knocked down by a very large refuse lorry from Acorn and when I wrote to the council and tried to make a claim I was informed by the insurance company that as it had not been reported by the driver they were not liable.

The driver would probably not even have felt the lorry knocking over the fence as he went round the corner. I gave up chasing and paid for the repairs myself.

This is typical ‘Big Organisation’ tactics. Maybe the council should remember that it is the domestic and business ratepayers who ultimately pay for the council and that it is there to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of us.

Maybe the drivers need more tuition in handling these very large lorries in tight situations.


Landlord, Mucky Duck Inn

Loxwood Road, Tismans Common, Rudgwick