Trail of waste in government

After the latest Government U turn/fiasco I wonder how Horsham MP Francis Maude feels after being a little disingenuous with the electorate in telling us that he and his party are saving money.

They may be saving money by cutting jobs in the public sector and armed forces and cutting back on services and benefits, affecting us normal ‘plebs’ but what about the wastage in other areas?

Some £500,000.00 of our money paid to ‘consultants’, one wonders for what, by the Dept for International Development. Justine Greening has ordered an urgent audit!

Unknown amounts for more than 90 public appointees, since 2010, charged with representing particular interests in Government or finding solutions to ‘difficult areas of policy’.

Research by academics at Kings College London reveals fewer than 46 per cent had professional expertise in the area they were being asked to look at! The appointments are more than double that of the previous Government.

Unknown billions of pounds having been wasted by the Ministry of Defence over the years under all parties with the result now of the people who put their lives on the line worrying about their future.

Some £40m more of our money wasted due to ‘mismanagement of franchise bid for West Coast Mail Line rail franchise’ as quoted by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin. Presumably this would have gone ahead if Richard Branson had not been so passionate in knowing it was flawed.

If so, one wonders how much more money would have been wasted. Why does the country have to rely on him to establish the facts, what are the government or their ‘consultants’ or appointees doing? Hopefully heads will roll and people will be sacked without golden handshakes and huge pensions?

I have asked many times over the years through your paper who actually checks what and how our money is spent, both locally and nationally. Mr Maude has stated previously that vast amounts were being paid for stationery items, why, is there no control?

Or, more likely, those in control have no idea what things cost, something any normal person would know in order to run their business or their lives. I bet no minister or civil servant takes responsibility for all the wastage because they know they can just bleed us taxpayers.

It is time they were made to pay for their mistakes, maybe take monies from their pension pots which we know are considerably higher than most of us can even imagine.


Parry Close, Horsham