Traffic light control required

I was not surprised to read your report concerning the collision under the railway bridge at Pulborough. Despite the 30mph signage, much of the traffic approaches the bridge too fast – particularly from the Stopham direction. The bridge is also hidden from view by a bend in the road.

With this in mind, on September 9 I wrote to West Sussex County Council expressing similar concerns to them together with some suggestions to improve the situation.

One option would be to make the passage under the bridge traffic-light controlled. This would slow down traffic, allow large vehicles to pass easily and, possibly, also allow a footway to be built.

The traffic lights on the Stopham side should be located back from the bridge at a point where the properties alongside the road end. This has several benefits as it will allow large vehicles to more readily negotiate the sharp bend at the bridge entrance, the waiting vehicles would not be directly outside the roadside properties, and the lights etc would be visible to vehicles approaching from the Stopham direction.

The 30mph zone should also be extended westwards around the bend in the road.

Not surprisingly, I suppose, I have yet to receive a reply from the WSCC, or even the courtesy of an acknowledgement.


Lower Street, Pulborough