Tip rule frustration

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I AM WRITING to bring to attention some strange and frustrating rules in place at the Hop Oast amenity tip near Southwater.

Over the past few years I have been running a small van in connection with my business, and as such when disposing of personal materials I have had to sign to state I was carrying my own waste from home.

This I could understand as it prevented trade waste from filling the skips.

Having now retired and changed my van for a small campervan, albeit with a high top, I was amazed to still be refused permission to recycle four aluminium framed garden chairs for the following reasons: site not licensed for high vehicles; not allowed to open height barrier; I could not carry my items in as site was not licensed for ‘walk in’; I could not leave my items by the barrier for operator to take as this would be classed as illegal dumping and as such I could be fined!

The security man I was dealing with could not take them from me as he was not covered by insurance to carry items.

The final shock came when it was suggested I might go to Crawley, Worthing or Chichester as these sites do not have a height barrier. This appeared a very un-eco solution.

Faced with this dilemma it is not surprising that so many layby and country areas are filled with rubbish.

I will point out that the security man I dealt with was polite, but feel with a bit of flexibility a solution to the problem could have been arrived at. After all, I cannot be the only person with a high vehicle who will need to use this so called ‘amenity’.

I eventually took my chairs to the local scrapyard.


Redford Avenue