Time for new MP

IT SEEMS clear to me that our Horsham MP is increasingly out of touch and out of his depth both as a local representative and as a member of the cabinet.

The recommendation that it would be prudent to ‘hoard’ petrol has led to extensive panic buying, reserves running out, at least one serious accident and the strike has not yet been announced.

How will critical services operate with potentially limited access to supplies, will our ambulances and fire crews have to choose whether to attend based on petrol availability?

If the strike is not called for several weeks what will happen then, will we all have to queue and panic buy until it is?

Unfortunately this type of statement is not new to Mr Maude. His continued knowing mendacity on Horsham having its own hospital is pure political theatre, misleading his constituents and wasting public time and money. This caps a frankly underwhelming performance in the cabinet.

It is time he did the honourable thing and resigned and in 2015 it’s time we elected a new MP.


Kentwyns Drive, Horsham