Threat to Storrington

Waitrose and its developers have chosen an opportune time of the year to resubmit a ‘revised’ planning application, Ref DC/11/2334, for a superstore in the village environment of Storrington.

From the plans now submitted there is little or no regard to Storrington, or its parish council. This is despite the clear and outright objections from the majority of residents, and the many concerns and objections raised by the representatives of our council.

The consultants of Waitrose have tried to insult our intelligence by stating the ‘New’ store, which will be approximately three times the current store size, will generate less traffic. If this were to be the case then why does Waitrose intend/need to double the size of its car park?

TRICS (Trip Rate Information Computer System) for the lay-person, is claimed by the consultants to demonstrate this, for one specific period of time! What about the rest of each and every day?

The new store will supposedly TREAT Storrington by providing toilets, and a cafe! So what happens to the existing cafes in Storrington, which will suffer from this overdevelopment?

The threats to our village have previously been reported, in this paper and other press; in the hundreds of objections on the Horsham planning site; and also by the residents in petitions. One of the biggest threats, being traffic and pollution on our congested village roads.

Both HDC and our parish council believe this is a development of a brownfield site. This is clearly a misunderstanding, as the plans show that a large section of the current bus turning circle, roadway and a large green/tree-planted island, will be consumed by the envisaged store.

All this is actually classified as greenfield, and is not owned by the consortium! The developer also intends to Tarmac over a large area of grassland/trees (more greenfield and a protected area ) adjacent to the Mill Drive pond, to provide a turning area. Are we to believe that our representatives are intent on permitting development on a greenfield and protected site?

All the members of our parish council requested that the main access to any proposed development should be towards the village. Waitrose has chosen to totally ignore this, and the only access will be from/to its car parking. There won’t even be access to Old Mill Square.

All villagers should note that the PC intends to hold a Full Council meeting on Tuesday October 23 at 7pm at Sullington Parish Hall, to discuss this Waitrose application. It is essential that we all unite, to defend our village, our environment, and our future.


Heatherlands, Storrington