Think again over sport facilities

Jade Brewster and Lucy Strickland are to be congratulated on their pole vaulting achievements, and so is their coach Mick Cole.

With the Olympics still in our minds, and with Rio 2016 approaching, is it too much to ask Horsham District Council to reconsider its decision not to include an indoor athletics training facility in its proposed new leisure centre and athletics track?

I know it must be very easy for them to just say ‘No - we can’t afford it’.

But just consider what no indoor athletics facility would mean: less chance for these athletes to develop and improve into the senior ranks, and less likely that promising newcomers can take up pole vaulting or indeed high jumping which an indoor facility also provides.

‘Yes, all right, we will look at this again,’ is what Jade, Lucy, Mick and many others at Horsham Blue Stars would like to hear.

It is possible: you just have to find the way.


Deer Way, Horsham