Tesco speaks out over store plan

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The comments from Tesco in last week’s edition were most welcome since this is the first most readers will have actually heard from them regarding plans for a new store at the disused pub site in Brighton Road, Horsham.

A few locals received a letter on February 6 and there has been much written every week since by people totally opposed to this, not many for it I note.

Not surprisingly Tesco chose only to claim that residents want the store and that its plans

are receiving a positive response!

One wonders if any of those that want the store wanted it before they learned that Tesco were going to open on that site! As for its plans only a select few have even seen just an ‘outline plan’, a properly designed plan will be presented with their application for minor works.

In response to Tesco’s comments, I submit, as have many others, that this store was not asked for, is not wanted or needed, is not in keeping with the character of the location, will add additional hazards to the already dangerous traffic situation, and be difficult for many pedestrians to access.

It is however encouraging that Tesco is holding a drop-in session in April for residents to share their comments and input into the design of ‘their’ new store, I am sure there will be many visitors, but will they then come clean and say how many are against?

I hope local councillors will be present to record the event and also listen to people’s views.


St Leonards Road, Horsham