‘Taking over Storrington’

FURTHER to the latest developments regarding Waitrose trying to run Storrington – in fact a take-over – will the country village be allowed to disappear?

Apart from shutting roads and being a building site for about a year, the pollution is terrible now, I have to suck a throat sweet just to walk through the High Street now.

The locals are not being considered at all - come on Horsham District Council, you are not going to allow this to happen, are you?

Put Waitrose on a site outside the village where it belongs. Some time ago we read in the paper someone hoping to become Mayor of Storrington.

Is this where we are heading, a town instead of a once pleasant village? We have lived here almost 15 years so we can remember what it was like.

Help us, County Times, to save Storrington.


Greenhurst Lane, Thakeham