Taking a seat in Horsham

MY HUSBAND and I go to The Capitol Theatre on a regular basis and have enjoyed many live performances including the Opera and Ballet in HD, live from The Met and The Bolshoi.

Recently I went to the theatre to buy two tickets for a play having identified, from the Internet, eight areas (each with three seats) where I wanted to book.

I was very surprised that I was not allowed to buy any of these twenty four available seats and was told they could not leave just one available seat.

We ended up in Row B which was much too close, with a fairly large head in front of me blocking some of the stage.

The alternative was to sit far back, where hearing might have been a problem.

I was told that I could exchange the seats, if available, half an hour before the show if I paid £1 each ticket.

I checked the Internet on the morning of the play to see that two of three available tickets where I had wanted to book had in fact been sold, leaving single seats.

There seem to be different rules for different people.

I understand from my friends that they too have experienced the same problem, including single people who could not book one seat from a choice of two or three together.

We feel, as ratepayers, that available tickets should be sold on a first come first served basis and that the present system is completely unacceptable and discriminatory.

I have written to the Capitol who have advised me that ‘The sales policy exists primarily to ensure that the income of an auditorium is maximised and is not intended to be discriminatory.’

I would be interested to know the views of other regular Capitol users.


Allcard Close, Horsham