Surprised over comment

I WAS very surprised to read the county council cabinet member Michael Brown’s comments on the major cuts being implemented across West Sussex’s public services (‘Tory defends plans for spending cuts’, May 26).

To say that council workers are ‘happy’ to leave jobs they love, serving the residents of our county, to end up ‘on the dole’ is wrong and insensitive.

Very few of the 1,300 employees referred to will have the opportunity to take on ‘teacher training’, or any other employment, as Mr Brown suggests.

Yes, some are taking voluntary redundancy, but for many of them this is not what they really want and it leaves them and their families with real concerns about the future.

On top of that many are very worried about the future of their jobs should they be outsourced to other organisations.

The fact is that these cuts will affect everyone in West Sussex as they put our neighbours and relatives out of jobs, reducing spending in our local shops and deflating our local economy.

This is not to mention the negative impact on the county’s vulnerable residents, the effects of which we read about every week. To say that these job cuts will have no impact on County Times readers is just not right.

This Government does have an alternative to cutting services.

That is to make the banks and super-rich who caused this crisis pay their way through fairer and effective taxation policies.

The West Sussex cabinet should concentrate their energies on influencing their own Government to take on these powerful vested interests and on lobbying for a fairer share of funds to West Sussex.


Branch secretary, UNISON West Sussex

County Hall, Chichester