Surprise at unfair penalty

I parked my car on Saturday June 2 at 1.30pm in Horsham’s Bishopric.

I then proceeded to the parking meter to discover behind the plastic screen there was a notice on there clearly displaying ‘Parking meter out of order free parking’.

Much to my surprise upon my return at 4pm I discovered that I had been issued with a parking ticket which I feel is unjust - also I noticed that the meter had been fixed and was no longer displaying the old notice.

I believe the penalty to be unfair and unjust, but Horsham District Council is refuting that the parking meter was out of order on that day and as of yet have not supplied any supplementary evidence to the latter.

I have requested this information three times from HDC but still no reply. I wondered if any readers had a ticket also issued that day and took a photo of the parking meter in question that clearly displayed the notice ‘Parking meter not working free parking’.


Fryern Road, Storrington