Support for store expansion

The report in your newspaper (October 25 and letters November 1) object to the extension of Waitrose in Storrington and suggest that there is no local support for it.

I support it and so do some of my neighbours and I made my views known to the parish council before the Tuesday meeting.

I am elderly with limited walking ability so it is convenient to shop locally.

However, it is disappointing to arrive at the store and find that they have run out of the item you want because of lack of storage space or that they don’t stock it because of shortage of shelf space.

I am an incomer and have only been in Storrington for eight years and I love it but with industrial development and housing estates it not my idea of a village so an extension of this size does not offend me.

The question of pollution has been examined by the county council’s experts and cleared. Waitrose will not compete with the local estate agents, hairdressers, antique shops, and restaurants/pubs and I feel fairly confident that the remaining shops are capable of competing.

Local people who support the extension should be more vocal.


Hawthorn Way, Storrington