Storrington Waitrose expansion ‘too large’

THE PROPOSALS for expansion by Waitrose in Storrington are not only too large for the area but contain elements which make this more like a take-over than an expansion.

Waitrose itself will expect more vehicle movements of all types for deliveries and for more customers it hopes to attract.

The proposal to place a mini roundabout at the junction of High Street and North Street could cause the same chaos which now occurs at the bottom of School Hill and the High Street for long periods during the day, with traffic backed up on the A283 towards Washington for sometimes up to 200 or even 300 yards.

Imagine this in the High Street, it would be gridlock in an already congested area.

This would also greatly aggravate the already excess pollution levels. If the idea of bus stops in the High Street becomes reality there will be a loss of parking but with more pollution right up close to shops and residential property on a regular basis seven days a week.

With regard to the proposal for a two storey car park, has it been considered that the lower level could also be used for other purpose at night?

Local conversations suggest that expansion into the premises east of the present store would have been acceptable even with relocation of some other businesses.


Post View, Storrington