Storrington and store profits

COMMUNITY values are being challenged by store profits in Storrington.

To enable Waitrose to increase its profit in Storrington some local independent traders are having to relocate. At least one to a less convenient location and one has taken the decision to stop trading. It is understood that the remaining on-street parking spaces will disappear. All at a disadvantage to local traders but to increase the profits of a multi-national company.

The proposal to move the bus stops from the bus turning circle and place them on the High Street will again disadvantage local traders and residents. It is well documented that the air quality on the High Street is below national standards but local residents are being asked to breathe in this polluted air whilst waiting for buses. I pray that it is not being proposed that children waiting for school buses will also be asked to wait on the High Street instead of the safety of the bus turning circle to increase Waitrose profits.

The proposal to install a roundabout at the junction of North Street and the High Street has absolutely nothing to do with the Waitrose application so why is it included in the proposal? Traffic travelling east on the High Street will have to stop for traffic entering North Street. This is a well-used route to school and the North Street car park.

The close of Old Mill Drive will push traffic onto School Hill and this traffic will have right of way over traffic travelling west from Manleys Hill onto the High Street. Make no mistake bus drivers will not pull out of the flow of traffic at the bus stops and again this will hold up the traffic. All of the above will effectively slow down the progress of traffic through Storrington making the air pollution even worse. All to increase Waitrose profits.

Not to mention the totally unnecessary two storey car park in this pleasant downland village on the edge of the National Park! Storrington is a village that provides top up shopping not a town that can sustain an expensive larger store.

So come on Storrington and Sullington Parish Council, Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council, you are here to serve council tax payers not pay lip service to a multi-national company. With land already sold and traders relocated it looks like a deal has been done, let us hope this is not the case and justice prevails for our village.


Rectory Close, Storrington