Stigmatised by politicians’ abuse

We are more aware of poverty in our area as more people seem to be affected by the higher prices of basics, government cuts and unemployment.

These issues affect the whole of society and our local communities.

Often people experiencing hardship are grouped together under terms like ‘Scroungers’ and generalisations are made, eg they are lazy.

These people can feel abused verbally by the media and politicians and stigmatised.

In these tough economic times this paper could take a lead and use appropriate language.

Your readers will include people who are experiencing poverty and difficulties making ends meet. They need our support and not criticism or ridicule or worse. I would like to see politicians and local leaders who do not apportion blame to those who are struggling in challenging circumstances.

Please think carefully about labels and generalisations which are used in your paper.


Jubilee Way, Storrington

Editor’s note: the terms referred to have not been used by the County Times in its news reporting.