Step too far for many shoppers

As suggested in the County Times of February 7, Waitrose’s hoped for move to a more spacious site, such as the grandiose new shopping precinct planned for the Bishopric in Horsham would, I think, most certainly prove to be a step too far and a mistake.

For those of us who regularly shop in Waitrose in its present position in Piries Place it is evident that a high proportion of customers are elderly and many infirm.

To have to walk along West Street, cross the badly situated Albion Way to the Bishopric, would decide us to shop elsewhere.

I certainly would not want to go along that route to do shopping and then return with either heavy shopping bags or push a trolley.

The great strength of Waitrose in Piries Place is its position just off the very centre of the town, close to buses and taxi services, and the many other town centre shops and cafes; with a multi-storey car park adjacent to the site.

All this along with the ever pleasant and helpful staff.

I am not surprised that The Horsham Society is unhappy with the present plans as unfolded in the paper.

For the Bishopric to be referred to as ‘the western end of the town centre’, just shows how out of touch would-be planners really are.

This project would dichotomise the town not unify it!


Badgers Close, Horsham